The Mark, Tom and Travis Show

Last night I went to a Blink 182 concert. I hadn’t been to one since 2004 but it marked my “fucked if I know how many times I’ve seen them” concert. I was a Warp Tour junkie since ‘95… and Blink is my favorite band. Blink has continued to be my favorite band and I’ve even followed all of their dumbass branch off bands because it kept hope alive… and those bands were pretty awesome too.

blink 182
But they weren’t Blink. They weren’t the Mark, Tom and Travis show. This band reminds me of so many positive things in my life. It reminds me of those friends I had in high school that wanted to be part of the Southern California punk scene (instead of hoodrats in Arizona). It reminded me of my best friend Fiona playing Dammit I don’t know how many times a day. It reminded me of my time in the Navy and falling in love with Enema of the State.

When Take off Your Pants and Jacket dropped in 2001- I used it to bond with my half-sister. To this day, we talk about that summer just listening to that and the Mark, Tom and Travis show. We drive around Phoenix for no good reason just to keep listening to the CD in my ‘95 Honda Civic with a bad paint job. I also remember the last time I saw them before they broke up- in Phoenix with my friend Madelyn and there was a huge dust storm that gave me the biggest headache… then I had to drive us back to Tucson at midnight and take a geology final at 8am. Worth it.

When they broke up, I was sad but it also fascinated me to see how human they really were. They disagreed, they grew apart, they went their separate ways and When Your Heart Stops Beating became one of my favorite songs. They grew even farther apart and I just assumed that was it. Blink’s time had passed.

Then a plane crashed and in some twisted fucked up way fixed everything- and I found myself back at a Blink 182 concert at thirty four years of age at the Cosmopolitan.

I find it a bit comical that they got back together in 2009- which was the year I went through some huge changes- my Saturn Return for you astrological people. My longest running relationship/not great marriage ended and I moved to Vegas to find myself… who the fuck finds themselves in Vegas? I did. I wrote a book, I gave my soul mate a chance, I’ve met amazing people and I have been increasingly happy ever since.

All of that isn’t on Blink- but a lot of it is. They gave me a good outlook on life through their music. They taught me to not takes things too seriously… and that music sure has gotten me through some tough fucking times. I remembered that last night. So thanks, Mark, Tom and Travis… I really do heart you a shit ton.

On and on, reckless abandon
Something’s wrong, this is gonna shock them
Nothing to hold on to
We’ll use this song to lead you on

Oh, and I totally stole the above photo from my friend Hannah who got a better angle.

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  1. Ang says:

    Great recap! Inspiring, too. I’m glad you gave your soul mate a chance :) He’s pretty darn awesome.

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