Dahlias by Virginia Poltrack

Hello! I’m back! After a two month siesta… sorry, I was pushing my second book. BUT- I have something super awesome to show you.

A couple of months back I finally got up the nerve to talk to one of my favorite artists. I know, I shouldn’t be shy- but yay, I started talking to Virginia Poltrack after having followed her for a good while on Dribbble and Twitter. She does beautiful watercolor among her many talents. She posted an owl that got my immediate attention… I love owls. Then I started looking at her other work and I was hooked.

My reason for contacting her was that I wanted an artistic representation of Frankie’s tattoo- the black dahlias on her upper arm. If you follow the Wasted Series, you know Frankie had a bit of an accident in book one- that left her with a scar. Her friend, Gretchen, suggested she get a tattoo to cover it up.

Virginia exceeded my expectations and came up with this amazing piece of work:



It’s perfect to me- and now I even want it as a tattoo as well (that’s not totally creepy at all). She was also kind enough to send me a few colored versions as well as the original drawing! She’s super friendly, super communicative and she really took my words and made a spot-on design. That’s pure talent. I love her. It also helps that she has the cutest dog that she dresses in tutus.

If you want to check out her work- and you SHOULD… you can see more at www.virginiapoltrack.com/shop/ and be sure to check out her awesome portfolio as well!

virginiapAnd she also does some amazing Star Wars pieces! If you are like me, and want to find unique gifts for people this holiday season… ask Virginia to make you something amazing.

You can follow her on:  TWITTER // DRIBBBLE // LINKEDIN

The Black Dahlias will be available as a print in the future.

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  1. Raven says:

    That looks amazing! And I’m all for you getting more tattoos. Especially if Frankie has it. After all, don’t we all want to be a bit more like Frankie?

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